---Product Description---

GT line「テンカラ糸"横綱"」Yokozuna made with traditional special technology will solve your casting trouble. All line is handmade by Daisuke Tsuchiya and delivers the highest quality to you.Enjoy casting the line perfectly.


1. This furled taper line is a dense, smooth line surface finish unique to hand twisting. It is thin and fly well.


2. This furled taper line can accurately cast to the target spot.


3. This furled taper line has weights and stretches, which improve the tenkara technique such as "sasoi". Furthermore it enables the use of long tippet and thin tippet.


4. The stretch performance of this furled taper line keeps the line tension proper. It reduces fish hookout.


5. Slowly gentle casting with this furled taper line does not give pressure to the fish. The fish are wary of your fishing rod's intense movement.


6.The material is nylon. Because fluorocarbon is too hard and too heavy.


7.This furled taper line is available for both 7: 3rod and 6: 4rod.Recommended when your rod is soft is "GT line Double taper custom".


8. Many other wonderful effects will be available when using this "横綱".

--- Topic ---

Please cut off the tippet with a line cutter when miscasting to branches of trees. Do not pull the line forcefully trying to get out of tippet. Then your furled line may be crinkly. In that case, do false cast a bit strongly several times, your furled line can be recovered by itself.